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What does "Biersal" mean

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Biersal Brewery. An unusual name for a brewery; if you asked me why I came up with this name, I'd usually be inclined to answer by saying 'Because I needed a name for my Brewery and Beerhall, and my first choice was taken'.

It being necessary for me to expend more thought and energy on an activity only tangentially related to beer, I wracked my mind for something that would encapsulate what we do or what we are as a brewery.

Since I love German beer, both before and after I went to Germany to hunt down various obscure styles at their points of origin, such as Göse at the old Leipzig Bayerischer Bahnhof, or Rauchbier in Bamberg, I thought something thematically German would be appropriate.

I settled on Biersal for a number of reasons. First, beer is in the name, 'it's on the tin' so to speak. Also, it would give our Illustrator something to work with in designing the aesthetic and branding for our venue, especially important for a brewery such as our with a focus on selling our beers directly to our patrons in our venue.

Preamble aside, a Biersal is a gremlin/leprechaun like creature in German mythology/folklore. In the days before microbiology and the sciences as we know them today, various mishaps or happening in a brewery could be attributed to this mischievous mythical creature who lived in your beer cellar.

Artistic license was deemed necessary in bringing this to life. In true German fashion, home of the brothers Grimm, depictions of this creature are like a very grumpy possibly scary kobold/dwarf like creature. Our illustrator decided to go with a more draconic/cartoon look which I quite liked, hence we have the green, bearded creature as our mascot.

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