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About Biersal Brewery

We are a family run, community focused local brewery that specialises in traditional beers from Germany, England and the rest of Europe. We are beer-nerds who are in it for the beer and the people... mostly the beer. BYO food: there are great food places nearby or you can bring your own nom noms.

Our History

It all started as a home-brew passion project operation and in October 2019 became a brewery for everyone to enjoy. Our head brewer, Ben Luxton, was never a VB kind of guy. He was exploring the craft beer options from his very first sips, a passion which took him all over Europe. He went on a hunt to learn about traditional recipes and learning not only the complex flavours that inform his brewing now, but also the stories of how those beers were developed.


His dad, Geoff, flamed the fire by building a highly specialised brewing room for Ben to experiment while he was learning his craft running other breweries. Geoff saw the potential for something more and together they created Biersal Brewery. A joint project to bring the original craft beers to Melbourne and support their local community.

The Biersal Brewery family all dressed up to celebrate Oktoberfest holding their pretzels ready for a beer
Biersal Brewing Equipment - where the magic happens and the beer comes out..jpg

Traditional Methods & Recipes


There's something magical about a recipe that was created out of nothing and inspired by the ingredients that the brewers had available to them at the time. One of the beers we brew uses salt water for example, the recipe was developed hundreds of years ago by a brewer who only had access to salty water to brew with and gave it a crack. Another evolved out of a rebellion, where the breweries refused to be forced into the regime and brewed as their form of protest.


Now, here we are half way across the globe, generations later using the techniques they perfected. These ancient traditional methods and recipes are rich with flavour and full of history. If you come in and ask him Ben will tell you all about them, or you can join one of his workshops and master classes to go deep into the history and methodology of traditional beer making.

The ingredients that are used are all essential, there's no unnecessary extra bits put in to make them fancy or fashionable. They're made to highlight the complex palettes created by complementary ingredients.

Why "Biersal"


In German folklore a Biersal is a type of mischievous house spirit (or kobold), who lives in the cellars, particularly in the beer cellars of breweries and pubs.

It requires beer in payment for his help with chores and without regular beer it will start making a mess of your beer cellar or brews.

These are essentially the German beer spirits, so we wanted to make sure our own Biersal felt properly appreciated.

Ben and the Biersal at the Brewery enjoying a stout and stein

Community Involvement


We're a local family and supporting our local community is a huge part of what we do. From providing spaces for games clubs, poetry clubs and local events to sponsoring our local sports teams - we are here for our people.

We support local suppliers, partner with our neighbouring businesses and give back as much as we can. 

Get in touch with us to see how we can help your community organisation, hobby club or upcoming event.

Brewery Gallery


Check out the brewery remotely through our gallery below.

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