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Our brewing ethos

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

I feel that our objective in setting up our brewery to 'Open Small, Stay Small' has given us some privileges not universally held by other breweries. I can brew what I want and enjoy, and ideally support what I do by selling our beer directly to our customers.

If I were to invest in a packaging line and all the necessaries to get into the wholesale package market, I strongly suspect it would be impossible for me to survive by selling a 'Lager' or a 'Göse' in a bottleshop. I would not have the economy of scale to sell it competitively, and I would have to dabble in design choices that would mutate my vision from what I enjoy, whether that be adding various fruits or ingredients with novelty value, to make it 'stand out from the others.'

It could be said that in opening my brewery, I wanted to make something that I was finding difficult to find otherwise: Traditional German beers. (also British ones, but more as a side-interest if I had to choose between the two)

I brew what I want to drink. The decision was to open a small brewery and stay small because if I wasn’t packing stuff I didn’t have to chase the trends and brew what I wanted and sell it over my own bar so I could maintain creative control.

I often joke to our patrons that I was inspired by the concept of the semi-fantastical 'Medieval Tavern' when setting up our Brewery and Beerhall. Like a medieval tavern we fill up people’s bottles, people bring in their own food, sometimes next door is open we have games for all ages kids tables no alcohol and gluten free options so everyone could came and enjoy it. It’s a casual feel, it’s a family run business, it feels like everyone works here has personal relationships, it’s like a local pub not like a chain in the city. It’s personal. We’re a place you can come drink beers you won’t get elsewhere.

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