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Fruit in beers? Yes or no?

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

There's a Latin saying: 'nihil sub sole novum' meaning there's nothing new under the sun.

I don't necessarily hold with this idea, but it is an interesting concept to mull over a beer.

I have noticed among our patrons, when I foist tasters of the beer we brew upon them, that they say things like: 'I've never had a Göse like this before!". In fact, the Göse I brew could be considered as 'vanilla' as it comes, directly inspired by the Göse I had in Leipzig.

In this instance, my having brewed something which could be considered the 'Wonder White' of it's style stands out as an exception rather than the rule.

I feel that as a brewer, we have enormous scope to experiment in the traditional ingredients of our craft: Malt, Hops, Water and Yeast.

There's an example I often trot out when discussing my beers. In Berlin, you can go to an Ice Cream truck and order a Berliner Weisse. You can have that as is, or with a syrup of your choice, such as Elderflower or Woodruff.

Now, as a Brewer, my job is to make the beer.

I could put those flavours in the beer for you, and sell it in a can. But in doing so, I deprive you of the choice. Unless there is some direct advantage to the process or how those flavours manifest themselves in the end, why not leave the choice to you?

Buy our Göse. Drink it straight, put fruit syrups in it or mix it with Gin from Spirited Lot. All are good options, and I do these myself!

But I constrain myself to making the beers, and leave those choices to you. Come up with any good mixes? Tell me so I can try 'em myself!

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